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As wedding planners we carry a huge responsibility towards our wedding couples,

because they entrust the organisation of the most important day of their lives to us.


It's our policy to offer our wedding couples different options and choices for each service.

As a result, Costa Blanca Events collaborates with various venues, accommodations and suppliers.


Because the wedding couples rely on us to make sure their wedding truly is their dream wedding, we need to ensure that each and everyone of the companies we work with complies with all the agreements and arrangements we have made for the wedding, without room for failure or delay.


And so we need to be extremely careful in selecting the venues, accommodations, suppliers we work with, especially if they're new to us.

Hence, our Recommended Partner Plan.

Do What You Say and Say What You Do

What is the Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner Plan ?

In our online wedding planner system, prospects and wedding couples are offered all the services we offer.

However, we only offer venues, accommodations and services from suppliers of whom we are sure that they will comply with our quality standards,

in short, who have been accepted as Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner.

What type of suppliers and services are eligable for the Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner Plan ?

Basically any service that could be of interest to our wedding couples is eligable, but ;


- Venues and accommodations need to be located in the Costa Blanca North - between Gandia and Alicante.

- Suppliers must be able to deliver their services within that same region, without imposing huge extra costs of delivery or transport


More then 50% of our wedding couples do not visit the Costa Blanca prior to their wedding, and so we need to be able to explain the services and differences via our websites and personal skype calls. Therefore, we need to limit the number of suppliers and choices per service.

If the wedding couple requests a service for which we don't have a recommended partner, then we will inform them as such, and search for a potential supplier of the requested service, but subject to a disclaimer, because we don't have any personal experience with the potential supplier.


Obviously, most couples prefer the services of our Recommended Partners, because we as Costa Blanca Events vouche for their quality and service.

What are the conditions for Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partners ?

A Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner must ;

  • Be in compliance with all requirments imposed by law and common practice

  • Able to operate and invoice as an independant contractor as Costa Blanca Events does not have any employees on the payroll

  • Offer an above standard product or service at a competitive, market based price

  • Offer a "lowest price guaranteed" to our wedding couples, ensuring that they cannot find the exact same product or service at a lower price elsewhere

  • Offer an excellent service, flexible and open minded to special requests from the wedding couple and their guests

  • Be service oriented, with attention to detail and customer friendly

  • Be very punctual, respecting agreements, appointments and deadlines

  • Provide us with photo's, video, prices and descriptions of your product or service so we can include it in our web gallery and online booking systems

  • Answer to our requests via e-mail or our propietary wedding planner platform within maximum 3 working days.

How can I become a Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner ?

This can be the hardest part, depending on the product or service you offer.


First of all, your product or service must be significantly different from the ones offered by existing Recommended Partners, if not, we prefer to continue working with our existing RP's. The difference can be in the product, the price, the service, ... and must be motivated by the applicant.


Second, You can only become a Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner with a proven track record, in other words, if we're absolutely convinced that you comply with the above requirements. To proof your track record, there are 3 options ;


1 ) Reviews + mystery clients + live work.

First we look at your reviews, the quantity and the quality of them.

Additionally, you will be contacted by mistery clients / wedding couples who will ask info about your services.

Finally, we will ask  If that's ok, then we ask to see you live at work, for example during a wedding.


2 ) You offer a service, for which we currently don't have an RP. We will offer your product or service to our wedding couples, disclaiming responsibility over it.


3 ) One of your clients / wedding couples is interested in our services as wedding planners.

You bring us the client, and since the client has chosen you first, we don't need to assume responsibility over your work.


In all 3 cases, and depending on our experience with your product or service, we may require a second or even third couple before accepting you as RP.

Is there any cost involved in being a Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner ?

If we accept your application, there is an annual cost of 100 € + VAT to create a web gallery of your services and include your services in our online systems.

This also includes the cost of translation into the various languages we work. We always start with a 2 year period, so in total to start you need to pay 200 € + v.a.t, and after 2 years, when all parties are satisfied with the coöperation, you can prolongue on a yearly basis.

When a wedding couple contracts your services, we take 10% on all the services you provide to our wedding couples.

Once accepted, how many clients will I have as a Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner ?

That's very hard to say because it depends on your product or service, and of the choices made by our wedding couples.

In 2015, 42 wedding couples have entrusted the planning of their most beautiful day to Costa Blanca Events

And we're constantly growing, introducing new websites for new specific groups of wedding couples, new languages, etc.


You remain accredited as RP as long as you comply with the requirements and each year our wedding couples order your service.

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But above all, must...

The Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner Plan ( RPP )