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From a wedding dream to a dream wedding !

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Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for you to plan your perfect dream wedding in Spain,

and to avoid all stress that wedding usually is inevitable in planning a wedding.


To achieve that goal we use Yoep ; Your Online Event Planner which has been developed especially for Costa Blanca Events, and consists of 2 platforms ; Yoep-P to plan the wedding and Yoep-A to book accommodation.


They're available 24/7, throughout the weeks, months or years of planning your wedding, and they make it very easy, hassle and stress free for you to plan your wedding, and for your guests to attend to your wedding.

Yoep, your personal online event planner,

makes it very easy to plan your dream wedding in Spain

YOEP-P allows you to ;


  • Create a detailed wedding plan and budget based on your estimated number of guests, and the services and choices selected by the majority of our wedding couples. It only takes a minute, and the system immediately creates your wedding plan in all detail, with the required detailed budget.

  • View our extensive catalogue of over 30 venues, 500 services, all for which we have pre-negotiated the best possible deals with the venues and vendors. Each service is shown with detailed information, description, prices, photo and a link to a related photo gallery.

  • Personalise your wedding plan by adding or deleting services, and making choices for them until the plan reflects your dream wedding. With each change your budget is instantly recalculated.

  • Request a personal skype of facetime call with a professional wedding planner, who can answer your questions, and advise on venues, services etc.

  • Plan a visit to our venues, during which a professional wedding planner will show you the venues, answer your questions, etc

  • Submit a question to a professional wedding planner via the build in message board.

  • View our wedding planner agreements, and be surprised by our low wedding planner fees.

  • When ready, submit the wedding planner agreement of your choice, and only pay a small deposit for your wedding

  • Then personalise Yoep-P by adding your info, guest welcome text etc.

  • When ready, create your guest list, and your guests will automatically receive an e-mail with your text to invite them to your wedding, and to use Yoep-P to plan their attendance.


Then, as the weeks and months of planning go by, continue to plan your wedding in further detail, with the assistance and regular skype or facetime calls with your Costa Blanca Events wedding planner, and upload images for your brides bouquet, decorations, cake, etc.


Meanwhile, your guests are using Yoep-P to ;


  • Confirm their attendance to your wedding

  • Make travel arrangements, such as airport transfer, rental car, accommodation, excursions, etc

  • Order personal services such as hairdresser, make up artist, Spa and wellness,

  • Advise us of their menu and diet requirements,

  • and much more


Approximately one month before the wedding, we close the planning during a final skype or face time call, then reconfirm your plan and send you a payment invitation for the balance.

But of course, last minute changes to your guest list remain possible.


As you can see, Yoep-P makes it very easy and stress free for you and your guests to plan your wedding in Spain

YOEP-A is the accommodation reservation platform. We have selected accommodations of various types, such as hotels, apartments and private villa's which are located nearby our wedding venues. For each venue we offer a number of options, and you, as the wedding couple, can select the accommodations you wish to make available to your guests.


Your guests logon to YOEP-A with a password that is specific to your wedding, and as a result YOEP-A will offer only the accommodations you've selected, with the different rooms types and options. Your guests can then book online, and they don't have to worry about price, because all of the accommodations have agreed to our lowest price guaranteed policy.


More info on our Yoep-A accommodation system info page

Yoep-A, your personal online event planner for accommodations,

makes it very easy for you and your guests to book accommodations to attend the wedding.

My Wedding website is a personal website we create for you, and when it's build it already contains a lot information and useful links to websites, photo's, etc.

It comes with your own domain name, like brideandgroomweddinginspain.info.

Then it's up to you to add your personal touch, welcome words, photo's etc. It's by far the best way to involve your guests, and inform them about, well, just about anything you want to inform them about, giving as much, or as little information as you want, but most importantly, answer to their questions, and by doing so, avoid numerous calls of your guests, all asking exactly the same questions.

Interested ? Have a look at the demo site

My wedding website is your personal wedding website, with your own domain name. It's the easiest way to keep your family and friends up to date about your wedding, and it's fun too !

A personal, printed wedding invitation send by snail mail, or hand delivered by the wedding couple is of course still the most formal and personal way to invite your guests.


And we have made it even more personal with an original "boarding pass" which can either be used a wedding invitation, travel voucher or welcome card.


We offer a lot of designs to choose from, containing as much, or as little information as you want, and we can even create one fully adjusted to your theme and colours. And best of all, they're printed for each guests personally, in his name, and we can even post them here in Spain, sending them directly to your guests, or to you as the wedding couple.

Interested ? Have a look a some of the designs


All of these tools make it very easy and personal to plan a destination wedding !

Your personal wedding invitation "boarding pass"

All these tools make it very easy, stress and hassle free to plan your perfect wedding in Spain, not only for you,

but also for your guests!

Yoep, your personal online wedding planner